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Taxi.US is your convenient and affordable transportation solution, 24/7.


Hail a ride from your smartphone drivers will come right to your location to pick you up! Track their progress live on a map to see exactly where your ride is and when it will arrive.

Airport experts

Taxi.US is the best way to get to the airport. We’ll make sure you get to the terminal on time. Pre-book to the airport with our app today!

Convenient payment

No need to carry cash on you or worry about making change. Taxi.US offers cashless, stress-free payment.

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Wondering what the fare might be for your next trip? Get an estimate with our handy Fare Calculator!






Our Pledge To You:

At Taxi.US, the safety and comfort of our riders is our number one priority, period. Taxi companies strive to exhaustively background check drivers to make sure that our precious cargo (you, the passenger) has a flawless experience. Our ratings system and attentive customer service ensure transparency and accountability, because safety is just that important to us.



Open the app

Launch Taxi.US on your smartphone, and the app will automatically determine your exact location.

Request a ride

Request to be picked up, and the closest driver will begin heading to your location. You can track your driver’s progress and check out their rating as you wait.

Enter a location

Simply put your destination address or name in the Taxi.US app, and you’re all set! Your driver will do the rest.

Easy payment

The Taxi.US app will show you a breakdown of your fare, and charge the ride to a payment method you enter when first signing up. Paying for a ride with Taxi.US is quick, easy, and safe.

Sign up with Taxi.US today and get up to $10 in free rides just for joining!