Our Story

The story of Taxi.us is one that’s rich with the history of American transportation. In a new era of smartphone ridesharing apps, multiple taxi companies have joined forces to create a massive network of cabs ready to get you around town at the tap of a finger. Welcome to Taxi.us!


What makes Taxi.us different?

Passenger safety is our number one priority, period. Unlike other ridesharing apps that don’t thoroughly screen their drivers, taxi companies exhaustively background check all of their drivers using LiveScan technology: the same system used for teachers and law enforcement.

Thanks to comprehensive background checks, Taxi.us passengers are always safe. We’re committed to staying affordable by guaranteeing that our prices are always cheaper than a regular taxi. And because of the combined power of multiple fleets of cars, you’ll get a ride fast when you need it the most.

Taxi.us -- hail a cab in seconds, right from your smartphone!